(G)I-DLE are the only major K-pop girl group writing their own music

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(G)I-DLE are the only major K-pop girl group writing their own music
(G)I-DLE are the only major K-pop girl group writing their own music

(G)I-DLE, the six-member K-pop girl group, are weighing up what they love and admire about each other. “Shuhua’s eccentric thoughts, Soojin’s eye-catching dancing skills…” offers their leader and rapper Soyeon, who is herself whip-smart, elfish and, when she needs to be, steely. “Yuqi’s confidence,” adds Miyeon. “She really knows how to love herself”. Describing what it is that makes Minnie, Shuhua, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi and Miyeon unique – charisma, beauty, humour, dreamlike auras, the double whammy of “sexy-but-cute” – their words take flight like tiny jewel-coloured birds, darting and uplifting.

That (G)I-DLE see each other not just as bandmates but as role models and muses comes through in every interview they do. As a multinational group (Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean) working through cultural differences and the hardships of being far from home, they’ve formed an affectionate, protective sisterhood. And as a self-producing girl group who write their own music – a very rare entity in K-Pop – and have input into every part of their creative process, they utilise this closeness to their advantage; the tiniest details about each individual member serve as inspiration. All the while, their fandom (NEVERLAND) sprawls further across the world with every new record.

The tightness of their bond makes their onstage presence prismatic — boldly reflecting the dozens of shifting, individual elements that make up each young woman outwards as a complex singularity. At the very core of (G)I-DLE, however, the shared, primary foundation has always been self-belief. It’s what lead Soyeon to write their debut-securing first single “((여자)아이들) _ LATATA”; what propelled Yuqi, Shuhua and Minnie to leave their countries to try their luck in South Korea’s idol industry in the first place; and what gave them – the only rookie group competing alongside five senior acts – the confidence and skill to wind up in third place on the survival show, Queendom, causing a stir with their regal, fearless finale performance of “LION”.

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