Supernova members Yoonhak & Sungjae apologize for illegal overseas gambling in the Philippines

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The two Supernova members who are currently under police investigation for illegal overseas gambling are Yoonhak (36) and Sungjae (34), media reports revealed on September 15.

As previously stated, the two Supernova members are facing charges of gambling illegally at a casino in the Philippines from 2016~2018, betting as much as 50 million KRW (42,000 USD). Of the two members, one is also facing charges for illegal, domestic online gambling.

In response to the shocking news, Supernova’s label SV Entertainment issued an official statement of apology on behalf of Yoonhak and Sungjae. The label wrote, “We would like to apologize to the fans for causing concerns with such negative news as a result of Supernova members Yoonhak and Sungjae’s careless actions. Yoonhak and Sungjae are currently deeply regretting and reflecting on their careless actions, which occurred due to a mindless decision while on vacation.”

In addition, the two members also relayed via SV Entertainment’s official statment, “We are very sorry for causing concerns not only to fans who cheered on Supernova, but also many of our close affiliates whom we disappointed through this news. Once again, we have realized through this event just how much responsibility we must bear for each of their actions as public figures. We will put deep thought and responsibility in all of our actions from now on. Once again, we would like to apologize.” 

After their debut in Korea in 2007, Supernova went on to garner popularity through their Japanese promotions in the latter years of their promotions. Meanwhile, Supernova member Yoonhak was also a headline figure back in April of this year for being one of the first Korean celebrities to contract COVID19. He has since recovered fully, being discharged from the hospital.

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