Fans overjoyed to find out that BTS sang the advertisement song for a Coca-Cola commercial

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BTS has become the center of attention once again as fans recognized their voice in an Indonesian Coca-Cola commercial.

On January 4th, a new 2021 Coca Cola commercial was uploaded on Coca-Cola Indonesia’s official Twitter account.

As soon as the video was revealed, many BTS fans flocked to an online community to discuss if the singers singing the commercial song is BTS or not. Netizens fervently discussed, “This sounds very like BTS,” “I can hear Jungkook’s voice and was half sure it was BTS but then became 100% sure that this was BTS when I heard Jimin’s voice,” and “I can hear the four members voices so well.” Even if there was no certification that BTS sang the song, fans were sure it was just by hearing their voices.

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