Google Recognizes BTS Jimin as K-Pop’s ‘It Boy’

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Recently, numerous people have shared screenshots of Google search results when people ask “Who is Korea’s it boy.” It has been gaining much attention to the number one result that Google shows to fans.

Search results found that BTS member Jimin is South Korea’s “It Boy.” The top results also claim that Jimin perfectly fits the criteria of being an “It Boy” and that he is very unique for being a male idol. It is noted that Jimin has a feminine personality, fierce stage presence, androgynous features, and show-stopping duality. The search result also boldly claims that Jimin has the potential to be an icon in the industry, like Seo Taiji, Jessia (formerly of Girls’ Generation), BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, or CL.


Additionally, if you were to search “Who is Kpop king?” on Google, the top result is still BTS’s Jimin! According to the top result, Jimin was named “The King of K-Pop” for two years in a row and had earned 12,568,794 upvotes for his second year winning the title. During his first year of winning the title, Jimin snagged 1,275,292 votes.

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