How K-Pop Group Shinee Stands The Test of Time

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In the ever-changing landscape of K-pop or the music industry in general, a group’s longevity is hard to predict. Shinee, known for their strong musicality, unique fashion sense, and distinct sound, have maintained success since debuting in 2008 with their hit “Replay.” Shinee is a group that cannot be overlooked when looking at the history of K-pop and their songs are easily identifiable with the distinct voices of each member.

When they first came into the public eye, Shinee caught everyone’s attention with their unique fashion sense and “boyish” appeal. Since then, they have released hit after hit and have experimented with a variety of musical styles. Shinee hasn’t promoted much in the West, but in Asia, Shinee have broken countless records both in sales and achievements. A look into Shinee’s discography will give anyone new to K-pop an idea of how the industry has evolved over time with a solid and diverse medley of tracks.

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