Eternity is thankfully not very real on “I’m Real”

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Eternity Members Profile
Eternity Members Profile

Honestly it might be worse that this is not a music company but rather a tech company showcasing their product. Either way, there are 11 members total in the group, though they’re bizarrely debuting with a project unit of five members through a song called “I’m Real”.

I’m actually quite glad that this puts me deep within the uncanny valley and that the AI idols themselves are quite obviously fake, because I’m not sure how things would go over if they looked 100% like humans and released a hit song.

Now I can push that concern to the back of my brain and pretend I simply didn’t see this, continuing to live my life as if it’s not inevitable that the tech will get there eventually and forces humanity to truly grapple with what reality really is. Existential crisis concept, baby!

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