GHOST9 Confirmed To Make Comeback In June

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GHOST9 Confirmed To Make Comeback In June
GHOST9 Confirmed To Make Comeback In June

GHOST9 is making a return!

On May 4, the group’s agency Maroo Entertainment announced, “GHOST9 is preparing for a new album with an aim to make a comeback in June.”

GHOST9’s previous release was in March with their third mini album “NOW : Where we are, here.” The title track, titled “SEOUL,” showcased their perfect balance of visuals, vocals, and performance and won the hearts of global fans.

Last September, the group proclaimed their determination to “open the door to the world and go beyond the wall [they] encounter” with their debut series “PRE EPISODE.” Given that GHOST9 started to narrate the story about their current selves in the first part of their “NOW” series, there is much anticipation surrounding what stories they’ll tell with their upcoming music.

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