Heize had starry collaborators for ‘Happen’

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Heize had starry collaborators for ‘Happen’
Heize had starry collaborators for ‘Happen’

Singer-songwriter Heize will release her seventh EP, “Happen,” on May 20 with many high-profile collaborators, her agency P Nation said Thursday.

A total of eight songs will be included on the EP and feature ballad singer Kim Feel, singer-songwriter Ahn Ye-eun and rappers Gary and Changmo.

Heize wrote seven out of eight tracks — except for ‘Destiny, It’s Just a Tiny Dot” — with help from other artists.

Tablo collaborated on the melody of ‘Flu” and rapper Giriboy co-wrote “Hi, Hello.” Ahn co-wrote “From the Rain” and also performed on the track.

“Happen” is Heize’s first EP since she switched representation to P Nation, which is run by Psy. Her last EP was “Lyricist,” which was released last June.

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