Why aespa’s “Next Level” Has Been Banned in South Korea’s National Exam Period

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Why aespa's "Next Level" Has Been Banned in South Korea's National Exam Period

In 2009, SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” made headlines after students were “banned” from listening to it due to its addictive melody and lyrics. Instead of remembering what they had learned to pass the CSAT or the national college entrance exam period, “Ring Ding Dong” would play in students’ heads over and over again!

This proved detrimental, as the CSAT is only held once a year; if they failed, they would have to wait a whole year to retake it.

Now, aespa’s latest digital single, “Next Level,” is said to be the next SM Entertainment song to be banned during this vital time in student’s lives, twelve years after the release of “Ring Ding Dong.”

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