Why Shinee are still the ‘Princes of K-pop’ 13 years later

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Why Shinee are still the ‘Princes of K-pop’ 13 years later
Why Shinee are still the ‘Princes of K-pop’ 13 years later

With Key dropping a teaser for his new solo album, Minho soon to appear in a highly anticipated new K-drama, and photos of Taemin’s military service going viral on the internet, Shinee clearly continues to capture fans’ attention across the globe after over a decade in the industry.

It has been 13 years since their debut, but the group continues to stay relevant, thanks in no small part to their peppy music and flashy personal styles. The group’s latest album “Don’t Call Me”, released earlier this year, even peaked at No 1 on iTunes in 46 countries – a true testament that the group is still going strong.

With other Korean groups struggling to last half as long, Shinee lords it over them all as the “Princes of K-pop”.

Shinee started off as something of an experiment for SM Entertainment, and the company didn’t expect much out of them, according to KpopStarz. But the members’ developing talent in vocals and dance earned them their reputation.

When the group debuted in 2008, it was pegged as a contemporary R&B act and, while they’ve certainly won that genre, they’ve proven themselves to be versatile by branching into several others besides.

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