Ateez announce the release of their OST Let’s Get Together

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Fans of K-pop group ATEEZ are surely being well fed by their favs. From the release of their latest album, THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT to music show promotions and now the announcement for a new OST dropping soon; this band has got ATINY super busy and we are sure, they aren’t complaining about it.
The boys recently made their highly anticipated comeback and while the audience still got the hangover from it, the group has now decided to bless everyone’s playlists with yet another new track and this time it is going to be an OST for an ongoing show.
It was announced recently that ATEEZ will be releasing Original Soundtrack Part 2 for the ongoing Playlist web drama series, MIMICUS.
As per the details shared by Korean media, the track has been titled Let’s Get Together and is of the electronic pop genre. The song’s lyrics talk about a person stranded beneath a dark abyss, represented by the deep sea. But eventually, with the help of friends, the person is able to find light and hope.



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