NewJeans clarify the lyrics for K-pop rookies’ ‘Cookie’

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Pink Villa - NewJeans
Pink Villa - NewJeans

NewJeans is a five member group that debuted on August 1 with five members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. The girl group decided on a unique concept where they moved with three title tracks and even released two of them as pre-releases to keep the fans hooked to their concept. A B-side track was also revealed to the public beforehand.

The group’s debut EP was dropped digitally on August 1 and the physical album sale began on August 8 with the third title track ‘Cookie’ as its music video released on the former date. As the audiences began listening to the song, many questions arose about the innuendos of these lyrics being sung by teens.

ADOR, the management agency responsible for NewJeans has now responded to all controversies in a new statement. In the notice, the company went into detail behind the meaning of the song. They start off by saying that it is unfortunate that the lyrics were interpreted differently than intended and have apologised for any misunderstanding it may have caused.

Explaining the purpose behind the EP, it was also revealed that a storyline binds all the four tracks on the album and were meant as depictions of the relationship between artists and fans, that is the creators and their audience.

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