B.I, ITZY, SEVENTEEN headline Spotify’s ‘K-Pop ON!

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Allkpop - Itzy
Allkpop - Itzy

SPOTIFY launched its newest global campaign with a series of dynamic films headlined by superstars B.I, ITZY and SEVENTEEN. The campaign puts the spotlight on Spotify’s flagship K-Pop ON! playlist, a range of top K-Pop artists, and its vision to be the ultimate destination for artists and fans to embrace all that K-Pop has to offer.

Inspired by the endless possibilities in the vast and varied world of K-Pop, the campaign films transport viewers to magical dreamlands where music and culture collide to transform the world around us. Fans can expect to join rapper B.I as he cruises through a futuristic digital metropolis, catch the girls of ITZY as they set up for an electrifying Neon Carnival, and escape with the boys of SEVENTEEN to a mysterious wonderland hidden in lush mountains.

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